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  • Comprehensive range of clutch kits available
  •  Individual cover assemblies, driven plates and release bearings also available
  •  All clutch assemblies produced in our own facility
  •  Car and light commercial vehicles – extensive range
  •  Truck and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles – extensive range
  •  Ability to produce clutch components – 160mm to 380mm
  •  100% all new and approved to OE specifications
  •  Manufactured to exceptional standards – ISO 9001 quality assurance 
  • Tooling and components designed and manufactured in house
  •  Individual fatigue and wear simulation testing
  •  Non asbestos, non toxic clutch friction materials
  •  Experience and expertise OE standards of quality and performance

Clutch Disk

Button Disk

Lever Kit


Pressure Plate

Flywheel Assembly